Summer Ale 


 Cooked on 5/7/2004 Racked on 5/14/2004 

keged on 5/21/2004

5.0lb Muntons light dry malt 2oz Crystal 2 row Barley Malt

6 grams

Muntons yeast


1/2oz U.S. Northern Brewer Hops

1/2oz Cascade Hops (finishing)


6.0+ of water. brought the water to a boil the back off the heat. I steeped the grains for 60min at 160. Add my malt. Boiled for 60min, 60min with U.S. Northern Brewer Hops. Turned off heat and add  finishing hops for 10min. Cooled and add yeast. Al 3.5